The ultimate ecological product
meets the most comfortable
and luxurious interior decorating design.


In a world of environmental awareness, CORKART uses cork,an environmental friendly, renewable and sustainable materialto create warm, comfortable and luxurious interior decorating styles that will fit any home.

From a traditional look to a contemporary style, enjoy the silent,naturally textured and relaxing ambience of CORKART floors.

CORKART floors are a wonderfull fusion of the characteristics of cork with design and exclusivity.

Our mission is to provide a quality product, respecting natural environment and showing all over the world the unique characteristics of cork.

We are always searching for the ultimate ecological product and for that we count on CORKART staff, our suppliers and clients.

Use CORKART floors, You will see and feel the difference!

Since 1997
More than 20 years ago a family owned company
started what would become one of the most innovative,
sustainable and highly skilled manufacturers
in cork product design and decorating solutions.

Since 1997

CORKART is a private, family owned company founded by José Correia Neves in 1997, although he has been involved in the business for more than 20 years.

All operations are headquartered in Vendas Novas, Portugal, a town located in the heart of the Portuguese cork oak forests, approx 1 hour south of Lisbon.

With a covered area of 15.000 square meters, CORKART employs more than 100 people.

State-of-the-art manufacturing equipment, excellent design and highly trained, skilled and experienced workers are just a few of the benefits of dealing with CORKART.

CORKART uses excelent raw materials in order to achieve superb results and high quality products.

CORKART is permanently searching for new flooring solutions, innovations and investing in new equipements to be able to keep excelent quality, competitivity and the trust of all business partners.